Hotel Miramar Policy. Quality and Environment

The HOTEL MIRAMAR understands, after a lot of years experience in the hotel industry, that the Basic standards are: To maintain and improve the quality of our services and to preserve and maintain the quality of our environment. For this particular reason we have created a policy of quality and environmental health in which our aims are:

  • To create a service that satisfies and exceeds the expectations of our clients. 
  • To improve the performance and to use rationally the resources that we are given. 
  • To reduce the environmental impacts that are produced in the prevention of  contamination. 
  • To accomplish the actual laws and the compromises that we accept voluntarily. 
  • To review the objectives and goals through the attachment of the quality indicators, the environment, the food health, the working and installations security.

The standards on which we will base ourselves to improve our management are:

  • Efficiency and effectivity in the service given to our clients. Special meaning in the small details. 
  • Control and constant mediationof the satisfaction levels for the clients.
  • Communication, formation and involution of the staff in the elaboration and development of the quality and environment system.
  • Management of the food health basing ourselves in the system “APPCC” (Analysis of dangers and points of critical control).
  • Evaluation of labour risks and prevention of them. Emphasis on the collective protection. 
  • Management of enviromental aspects.
  • Reduce, recycle or reuse the residues.
  • Control and reduction of the water, energy, combustibles … consumption.
  • Control and reduction of the emissions of waters and gases.
  • Prevent the contamination of the ground.
  • To avoid in the best way the acustic contamination.
  • To inform and to give formation to our clients (Internal and external) in relation to the wealth environmental habits.

The policy of the MIRAMAR HOTEL will vary as changes in the activities or impacts generate and it will be at the disposition of clients, staff and any interested party.

The management compromises itself on providing the human and material resources necessary to implement this policy and constantly to maintain and improve the quality of our management systems and of the environment.

Hotel Miramar